100T 3200 bending machine delivery

1658732549 100T 3200 bending machine delivery

Recently, BEKE company completed the manufacture of 3 sets of 100T 3200 electro-hydraulic bending machines exported to Malaysia, and they were packed and shipped on July 14th.

This batch of equipment is equipped with DELEM DA53T system, which has stable performance and high speed. Since the production of the order, the weather has been extremely hot. In line with the mission of customer needs, we have overcome all kinds of difficulties, worked hard day and night, and finally completed all the manufacturing and inspection work of this project with high standards, high quality and on schedule.

This time is the 100th machine that we have cooperated with customers. We have known customers for 3 years. We discussed and learned from each other. The suggestions from customers have also played a constructive role in the development of our company.

As a sheet metal intelligent equipment manufacturer, BEKE will live up to its mission and expectations, continuously improve its comprehensive strength, continue to create higher product value and economic benefits for customers, and achieve win-win cooperation

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