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We purchased two CNC servo Press brakes from BEKE, they work very good. Let’s see, I think we will buy again a new bigger for my new plant. Thank BEKE!
Hello, My name is Kyu Sung Lee, from S outh Korea
I purchased 6015-1000W IPG laser cutting machine from My Echo Hu. He is a kindly man.
BEKE laser is pretty good and I am very satisfied with quality and service. Welcome to visit us to see by your eyes. my address:
B1, 889-1, Hwajeong-Dong, Deokyang-Gu, Goyang-Si,
Gyunggi-Do, 10477, Korea
Tel : +92-10-3277-2060

Mr. Christophe Villanueva, France

We buy Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine and metal plate rolling machine from BEKE. We are planning to buy cnc fiber laser 3015-6000W in this year.
MACHINE TOOL CHILE SPA. Director: Lissette Alejandra
Hello, I very thank My Echo for giving me very strong help during working together with BEKE.
Just last week he helped me ship another goods which I purchased from the other supplier, that helped me solve a very big issue.
Of course, BEKE machine is very good, in the past one year, I sold many machines in my country market, including press brake, shearing machine, ironworker. And we are now buying laser cutting machine also, because I receive a lot of positive comments and help me get more orders. BEKE after-sale service is good as well. Thank you
we love the laser cutter very much made by BEKE
Thanks for visiting and training workers, safe journey
The machine has been used for a month, that’s great.
It's a pleasure to come to BEKE to visit the factory, let's make a contract
We received the machine, 100T 3200 press brake.
Your engineers are amazing, great experience and great English.