How to operate the function of oil filling for hydraulic guillotine shear machine

oil filling1

When we use hydraulic shearing machine,we may encounter a problem that the blade goes down but return speed abnormally ,or the blade falls directly and cannot return.

So how to prevent and solve such problems ?

Normally, we have adjusted every parts work perfectly including oil valves, nitrogen cylinder or energy storage cylinder before delivered from factory .When the customer receive the machine , please do not adjust the valve or cylinder or any others if there is no any special request.

When the blade returns very slowly or cannot return. The customer needs firstly to check whether the pressure of the pressure gauge next to the energy storage part is normal or not.If the pressure is not enough or there is no pressure ,the possible reason is energy storage device leaks or air pressure loss too much after long-term use, user needs to fill nitrogen until the air pressure is normal (10-12mpa),then test the machine again.

If the pressure is normal,you need to perform the “filling oil” operation.This requires two workers to cooperate.

Open the valve which is close to the cylinder ( as picture 1 ),press “filling oil (picture 2 )” at the same time. The shear blade will move down to the bottom position, then you hold it for three to five seconds.Close the valve and release the button at same time, the shear blade will immediately return to the highest point.  The oil Filling process is completed.

oil filling2


oil filling3

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