Introduction of electro-hydraulic press brake

1658733090 Introduction of electro hydraulic press brake

As we all know, although there are many processes in sheet metal processing, the most common and main one is the bending process. In the sheet metal processing demand brought by the machinery manufacturing industry, communication electronics industry, automobile and shipbuilding and other related industries, the electro-hydraulic bending system plays a huge role due to its unique advantages.

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BEKE Machinery, a national high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D and production of a variety of CNC bending machines, fully CNC laser cutter, and fully CNC gate shears, is based on intelligent manufacturing in the future, actively follows market trends, and actively embraces Changes in demand, always adhering to the manufacturing principle of “forge ahead and strive for improvement”, based on the insight into the pain points and needs of industry users, constantly strengthen technological innovation, and develop and launch a folding machine that integrates energy-saving, high-efficiency and precision bending. Bending machine is widely used in the automotive industry, chassis cabinets, kitchen utensils, door industry, doors and windows, curtain walls and other industries.

The electro-hydraulic bending machine has excellent characteristics such as high speed, high precision and low noise. Driven by servo motors, the transmission precision is higher and the operation is more stable. After 15 years of accumulated data adjustment, the advantages of all aspects are ahead of the traditional CNC bending machine. The intelligent servo pump control system equipped with the equipment allows every energy to be used in bending, resulting in lower oil temperature, higher hydraulic accuracy and longer service life. In addition, in the daily operation of the equipment, the equipment is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and there are no problems such as oil leakage and oil change, and the maintenance is simple, which can help the cooperative customers to make great strides to the advanced factories that are leading in energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, automation and other aspects. Responding to the slogan of the state advocating the construction of an energy-saving and environmentally friendly green social environment, it also meets the growing needs of enterprises for high-precision and efficient use.

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In the future, standing at the forefront of industry trends, BEKE Machinery will continue to improve its R&D strength and technical level, continue to study the intelligent level of various lines of products, break through key technologies such as intelligent flexibility in the field of sheet metal equipment, and become a CNC bending machine and The leader and pioneer in the field of intelligent equipment industry, enabling the sheet metal processing industry to move forward more steadily.


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