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Recently, we got a inquiry for box bending.

This is our new customer from Canada. we have passed CE certification for our product and do business well in Canada market, so we pay great importance to customer needs.

Firstly we share our press brake video to show how worker operate the machine. Our customer seem very interested in our machine, not only appearance but also efficient operation.

Next step, we ask for customer box drawing, then offer best quotation to customer. After receiving quotation, the customer tell us they have no question about machine price, but they worry about whether our machine can solve the problem of bending box. Although it’s easy for us to customize press bake to bend box, but we don’t have video to prove it, so our salesman raise question at morning meeting. Lucky, we have good engineer, he is willing to draw the drawing of each step of bending.

Next day, our salesman send five drawing to show machine detail through email. Customer receive the email, then reply “let’s do it, please send PI asap” after checking picture for a moment. It’s really a good day that we get the order from our Canada customer. Thank customers for their trust. Thank engineer for designing and drawing machine.

The production time is about 30 days. When machine is finished, we make a video call again to bending the box same as same as customer’s product. Unsurprisingly, customer give good praise again. It’s really a good business.

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