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CNC Grooving Machine

CNC Grooving Machine

High performance hydraulic press brake main features

  1. The high performance hydraulic press brake is derived from the European Union’s streamlined design, and the beam and frame are welded and annealed as a whole to eliminate stress, with good rigidity, high precision, and long-term use without deformation.
  2. 4 control axes, the hydraulic clamping device, the gantry frame, and the knife rest move back and forth together during work.
  3. Ball screw & roller heavy-duty guide rail, D1N6 precision helical gear, planetary reducer: balanced and accurate.
  4. CNC open controller supports fully automatic operation, and 4 knives run at the same time, significantly improving the efficiency of grooving.
  5. The high performance hydraulic press brake adopts Taiwan industrial control controller and Japanese Panasonic closed-loop servo system: easy, flexible, fast, efficient, and low noise.
  6. Equipped with automatic lubrication system: small wear, fine processing, guaranteed processing accuracy, high dynamic response characteristics.

1665302657 15BK 4012 CNC Groove 副本977
1665302674 15BK 4012 CNC Groove 副本978

High performance hydraulic press brake standard equipment

  • Taiwan HUST(HUST-CNC-H6DKL-4)controller: precise, accurate, easy.
  • Full-automatic worktable: flat, rigid, durable
  • Hydraulic clamping device: firm, fast
  • Tool-holder, guide rail are made by QT900 material with good durability.
  • High-speed sliding tool-holder, ball screw and linear guider rail: high repositioning accuracy.
  • Two kinds of blades, 4 group blades significantly improves the grooving efficiency.
  • Standard cooling device, prevent blades overheating
  • Sleeve hydraulic pipe and fittings
  • Germany Newcastle planetary reducer
  • Taiwan HIWIN heavy-duty roller guide rail
  • Japan YUKEN solenoid valve
  • Taiwan YYC gear and rack
  • Germany R+W couplings
  • Japan HERG lubricating system: supports auto-setting time, reduce friction
  • Equipped with cooling spray system: cooling blades, reduce friction, improve the service life

High performance hydraulic press brake standard components

Item Brand


CNC system Japan Abel
Hydraulic control system Japan YUKEN vane pump solenoid valve
Driver Mitsubishi
Servo motor Mitsubishi
Cylinder sealing element Japan NOK
Main Servo Motor Edraw
Reducer Toshiaki (Taiwan)
Single/Double Pole Air Switch Korea LS
AC contactor, thermal relay Korea LS / Fuji
circuit breaker, button Korea LS
Micro relay Japan Omron
Alloy knife Korean Chloe
Linear Guides Taiwan HIWIN / Japan THK
Machine tool cable Igus imported from Germany

Taiwan HUST Controller ( HUST-CNC-H6DKL-4)

  • Control 6-axes
  • 6-axes linkage
  • Min. setting unit 0.01mm
  • 10.4 inch color screen
  • PLC breaking function, fixed scanning time is 10ms
  • Each axis with feedback function for showing axis position and avoiding collision
  • With speed-up & speed-down control, SSR-type signal panel for external input

1665302968 15BK 4012 CNC Groove 副本2606
1665303154 15BK 4012 CNC Groove 副本2910
1665303189 15BK 4012 CNC Groove 副本2909
1665303332 15BK 4012 CNC Groove 副本2918
1665303350 15BK 4012 CNC Groove 副本2917
1665303372 15BK 4012 CNC Groove 副本2916
1665303398 15BK 4012 CNC Groove 副本2915
1665303420 15BK 4012 CNC Groove 副本2913
1665303439 15BK 4012 CNC Groove 副本2914

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