GNKP Series CNC Gantry Grooving Machine

GNKP Series CNC Gantry Grooving Machine

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Main Characteristics

–The body is all steel welded, annealed and heat treated to remove the internal stress, with very high strength

–Adopt Abel CNC system, mature technology and reliable products

–All the electrical appliances use the original products of Schneider, one of the world’s three largest electrical appliance manufacturers, to ensure the service life and stability of the circuit.

–The hydraulic control system of Taiwan Oil Research Institute, the pressing and releasing of the pressing plate and the jaw is fully automatic, and the pressure is stable and reliable.

–Servo motor feeding, high accuracy and reliability, up to 0.01mm.

–Servo motor controls tool rest and feeding device for precise planing and positioning.

–Using the touch screen, the command input is quick and clear.

–Change the traditional nut and screw drive mode to imported fine alloy steel rack and pinion drive, which has lower noise, easier maintenance, lower failure rate and smoother operation.

–The automatic spray method cools the tool and improves the service life of the tool.


Standard Configuration

Item Brand
CNC system Japan Abel
Hydraulic control system Japan YUKEN vane pump solenoid valve
Driver Mitsubishi
Servo motor Mitsubishi
Cylinder sealing element Japan NOK
Main Servo Motor Edraw
Reducer Toshiaki (Taiwan)
Single/Double Pole Air Switch Korea LS
AC contactor, thermal relay Korea LS / Fuji
circuit breaker, button Korea LS
Micro relay Japan Omron
Alloy knife Korean Chloe
Linear Guides Taiwan HIWIN / Japan THK
Machine tool cable Igus imported from Germany


Technical Details

Model GNKP-1500×4000
Machining Capacity Plate Material Q345
Length 4000mm
Width 1500mm
Thickness 0.3mm-4mm(Sheet flatness﹤3mm)
Minimum edge 7.5mm(Can be customized according to customer needs)
Body workbench panel thickness 60mm (Q345)
CNC Specifics Control Method CNC controlled 4 axes(X, Y, Z1, Z2)
Display 17-inch high-definition LCD touch screen
Storage Capacity 99 groups can be stored, and 999 small V ports can be slotted in one group
Transfer Method Ball screw/linear guide/rack and pinion
Machining Sped X Axis Forward-Cutting 0-90m/min(Stepless speed regulation)
X Axis Backward 0-90m/min
Tool holder (Y1 axis) and end pressing material (Y2 axis) 20m/min
Tool holder (Z axis) up and down 20m/min
Machining Precision Y1 Precision ±0.01mm
Y1 Axis Maximum Stoke 1260mm
Z Axis Precision ±0.01mm
Z Stoke 55mm
Driving Mode X-Axis 5.5KW Lnverton Servo Motor
Z-Axis 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Motor
Y1﹠Y2-Axis 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Motor
Clamping Device Hydraulic System 1.5Kw/8L/10Mpa
Dimensions Length 6100mm
Width 2600mm
Highth 1700mm
Weight 9500kg
Table Flatness ±0.02mm/M
Main Power 380V/50Hz/3Phase

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