Main features:

  1.DA53T system can support maximum 4+1 axes: Y1, Y2, X, R. It can also be added with 2D programming funciton with extra cost. 

Excellent Press brake machine
Excellent press brake

   2.Press Brake using fully closed-loop Electro-hydraulic servo control technology, slider positionsignals can be feedback to CNC system by bilateral gratings, then CNC system adjusts the amount of fuel tank by changing the synchronous valve opening size, hereby controlling the slider(Y1,Y2)running on the same frequency, maintaining the parallel state of the worktable.



  3.Heat treatment of the rack, rigidity optimization verification on entire machine and the application of mechanical crowning structure jointly ensure the bending precision of WE67Kseries Press Brakes.


Main configurations

  • Delem graphical touch screen user interface
  • Up to 4 axes (Y1,Y2 + 2 aux. axes)
  • Crowning control
  • Tool / material / product library
  • Servo and frequency inverter control
  • TandemLink (option)
  • USB memory stick interfacing
  • Profile-53TL offline software
  • 10.1″ high resolution colour TFT
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Main motor- Siemens Brand


1664524316 图片51
1664524399 图片52

Rexroth Valves from Germany

GIVI / OPKON grating ruler

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1664524547 图片54

Mechanical crowning table

CNC double-v Dies and straight punches

1664529701 6DA58T cnc press brake1659
Excellent Plate shearing machine

France Schneider electrics

Excellent Plate bending machine

HIWIN Linear guide & Ball screw Backgauge X-R axis / Z1,Z2 motorized as optional

Optional configurations

  • DA58T system support offline programming function as optional, you can program in computer and take USB to connect to system.
  • Standard one-sided quick clamp, for some special demands, we can also provide two-sided quick clamp as optional.
  • Main Servo motor is optional, motor brand is optional as well.
  • Backgauge standard is X- R axis controlled by system. Z1, Z2 axis motorized as optional
  • For CE or NR-12 quality standard system, Press brake machine may need to install light curtain or laser protection device to prevent injury from working process
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Two Sided quick clamp

1664525727 图片60

Laser protection device

Excellent NC press brake

Z1, Z2 controlled by servo motors

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Main motor servo

Real photos

Excellent metal shearing machine
Excellent Hydraulic swing beam shear
Excellent hydraulic shearing machine

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