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EYBELEC CT-12 CNC Press Brake

EYBELEC CT-12 CNC Press Brake

Main features of China press brake bending machine:

  1. EYBELEC CT-12 press brake bending machine system is imported from Switzerland, 2D program and display. Easily operate and program.
  2. Heat treatment of the front slider, entire machine frame is finely machined by CNC large floor milling & boring machine.
  3. Standard back gauge axes are Y1, Y2 + X . R axis is available as well.

1664527748 6DA58T cnc press brake467
1664527766 6DA58T cnc press brake471

4.Press Brake using fully closed-loop Electro-hydraulic servo control technology, slider position signals can be feedback to NC system by bilateral gratings, then the NC system adjusts the amount of fuel tank by changing the synchronous valve opening size, hereby controlling the slider(Y1,Y2)running on the same frequency, maintaining the parallel state of the worktable.

China press brake bending machine frame assembly process

1664522249 图片44
1664523078 图片45
1664522931 图片46
1664522535 图片47
1664522553 图片48

Press brake main configurations

1665304313 图片1


1664524234 图片50

Main motor- Siemens Brand


1664524316 图片51
1664524399 图片52

Rexroth Valves from Germany

GIVI / OPKON grating ruler

1664524481 图片53
1664524547 图片54

Mechanical crowning table

CNC double-v Dies and straight punches

1664529701 6DA58T cnc press brake1659
1665304498 图片3
1665304535 图片4

Optional configurations

1664525668 图片59

Two Sided quick clamp

1664525727 图片60

Laser protection device

1664530763 6DA58T cnc press brake2574

Z1, Z2 controlled by servo motors

1664525813 图片62

Main motor servo

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