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JH21 Series Pneumatic Punching Machine Power Press

JH21 Series Pneumatic Punching Machine Power Press

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Production Description

  • Body made of high quality Q235A steel plate welded structure, with open C structure, heat treatment to eliminate internal stress, with good rigidity, the processing is the use of imported machine tools once clamping processing is completed, the main drive bearings with copper alloy by liquid nitrogen after frozen group into the body to make it to the expansion in a certain period of time the two one after finishing. So the precision is guaranteed to be within 0.03mm. The foot pad configuration, has high damping effect.
  • Longitudinal crankshaft, compact structure, beautiful appearance; material and become, as 42CrMo after forging by professional testing equipment to ensure the quality of materials to visit, and the density of standard, complete strength test, after quenching, high frequency processing, precision grinding machining, fully guarantee precision within 0.01mm.
  • The block with high quality material casting structure, has high shock absorbing effect. Internal stress treatment was eliminated by tempering. Using hexahedral rectangular guide, the material of the guide rail is alloy copper, high wear resistance, good stability, high precision. The height adjusting device of the mould: the closed type high electric regulation, the display precision of the slide block height is 0.1mm. The built-in transmission turbine ensures the smoothness and precision in adjusting the mode height. The hydraulic overload protection device is adopted in the slide block: the overload of the gas-liquid type exceeds 10% of the rated tonnage, and the automatic stop of the slide block ensures that the main parts of the fuselage do not suffer any damage. The balance cylinder is used to balance the weight of the slider and the upper die, and the stability is strong and the precision is good.
  • The pneumatic combination type friction clutch, the brake, is a low inertia dry clutch and brake. Dual valve, sensitive, safe and reliable, with inch, single and continuous operation specifications, combined smooth, less wear and longer life;
  • The main drive gear, gear shaft and other friction parts by hardening heat treatment after fine grinding processing, ensure accuracy within 0.01mm, the wear resistance and the balance of the high and low friction sound (the machine during operation of the noise limit value is: 73dB (A).). Using SIEMENS main motor and AC frequency converter to drive the flywheel, the performance is stable and the precision and life of the punching machine is ensured.



Main Configuration

  • Body: the use of Q235-B, the steel plate welding, the color of gray white;
  • The crankshaft is forged by 45# steel
  • The connecting rod is copper
  • The slide block realizes digital display (manual adjustment below 60T) by adjusting the height of the die with the electric adjustment of the disc motor.
  • The slide block adopts the rectangular hexahedron with long guide rail and the bronze lining plate, and the guiding precision is high.
  • The upper and lower movements of the slider are controlled by 2 cylinders, and the manipulator is driven by the cylinder.
  • Main bearings (hah shaft)
  • Seals (SOG, NAK)
  • Cylinder use (Ningbo Zhenhai crystal MAO)
  • The use of Schneider for the main electrical components
  • Automatic refueling pump (Zhejiang rounded) (can be optional)
  • Dry clutch (Anhui force source) (can be optional
  • The use of SIEMENS for motor
  • PLC is Taiwan Yonghong (can be optional)
  • Marking optoelectronic protection (can be optional)
  • Nominal hydraulic overload protection is Japan’s Zhao he (can be optional)
  • Ctandard converter of Taiwan blue ocean Huateng (can be optional)

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