Table Laser Cutting Machine

Table Laser Cutting Machine

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Advantages of Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine

The exchange platform laser cutting machine has a high degree of flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, and a short product production cycle, which increases production efficiency for customers. There is no cutting force during cutting, no deformation during processing, no tool wear, and good material adaptability. It is also computer numerically controlled, easy to operate, and has a high material utilization rate.

Item Description Quantity Brand Origin
Laser 3000W continuous fiber laser generator 1set Max
Cutting head Fiber laser auto focus cutting head 1set Osprey
Dedicated Cooling System Fiber laser special cooling water machine 1set Hanli
High Precision Linear Guide HeRen 1set Germany
Precision Rack ROR 1set Germany
Precision Helical Gears ROR 3set Germany
Reducer France Modoli reducer (including gear) 3set France Modoli
Lubrication system Centralized lubrication device, add high temperature lubricating oil 1set BEKE, China
Follow sensor system High-precision automatic induction, accuracy ±0.1mm 1set Cybcut, China
Computer system Industrial computer 1set China
X axis servo unit Servo motor, driver 1set German lead-motion/Japan Fuji/Japan Panasonic
Y axis servo unit Servo motor, driver 2set German lead-motion/Japan Fuji/Japan Panasonic
Z axis servo unit Servo motor, driver 1set German lead-motion/Japan Fuji/Japan Panasonic
Limit switch Proximity photoelectric switch, etc. 1set French Schneider
Oxygen proportional valve SMC 1set Japanese SMC
Precision Ball Screw Z axis high precision ball screw module 1set China
CNC system Cybcut system (FSCUT3000S) 1set Cybcut, China
Machine bed Welded by steel plate 1set BEKE, China
Machine structure Gantry 1set BEKE, China
Large format beam X axis beam 1set BEKE, China
Bed processing technology T6 heat treatment gantry milling tempering stress relief processing 1set BEKE, China


The benefits of automatic loading and unloading of laser cutting machines

-Suction cups automatically load materials. …

-It can meet the diverse needs of users. …

-The overall system has a high degree of automation. …

-Functions can be expanded at any time to achieve co-production of multiple machines. …

-The equipment has a high degree of automation, which improves the company’s brand image and helps enhance the company’s market competitiveness.

This system realizes the loading and unloading functions of the stereoscopic warehouse and the laser cutting machine. The CNC system can be connected to the host computer through online connection, receive control signals to realize online automatic work, and can also control the touch screen to switch between manual and automatic modes, suitable for different working conditions.

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