Russia Customer Came to BEKE for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

fiber laser cutting machine

laser cutting machine

Background: Customer is manufacturing large aluminum boat products in St. Petersburg. This time he was mainly looking for a laser supplier with such professional experience.In October, last year, the customer contacted our company. We learned that the customer was cutting an aluminum plate with a thickness of 16mm. Aluminum plates are highly reflective materials and have high requirements on machine cutting heads and lasers. We recommended the 8025 12KW laser according to the customer’s requirements and developed a series of plans. On March 30, this year, customer came to our factory to inspect and further discuss the details of machine delivery. We also took customers to visit our end user’s factory, and inspected the use of our laser on site. The customer compared us with BODOR laser. Through a series of comparisons, he believed that we also have a large market in Russia. We gave the customer the contact information of the Russian after-sales team. We can provide local professional after-sales service in Russia. After comparison, the customer was very satisfied with us. We had dinner with the customer in the evening, took a photo, and said goodbye to the customer. The customer returned to St. Petersburg on April 1, ready to implement our cooperation.

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