Shearing Machine Blade Selection Recommendations

1658733165 Shearing Machine Blade Selection Recommendations

Shearing machine is a professional equipment for cutting sheet metal, which is widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, building materials, hardware machinery, and the blade of sheet shearing machine is an essential tool for cutting sheet metal, especially when cutting stainless steel products, it must be The blade of the shearing machine is sharp, wear-resistant and tough. Therefore, the quality of the shearing machine blade is the key to determining the cutting effect. The quality of the blade cannot be distinguished from the surface! However, it is not difficult to distinguish through the following points.

The price of a set of high-quality shearing machine blades varies greatly depending on the material and production technology. And people often ignore this point, always asking for prices everywhere, comparing prices, often only pay attention to price, but ignore quality. Even some small-scale shearing machine blade manufacturers cut corners in the material and processing process to reduce costs, making it difficult for you to distinguish the authenticity from the fake.

In the production of shearing machine blades, every process is very important, and the most important thing is heat treatment. A set of qualified shearing machine blades must be quenched at least twice in the furnace to achieve consistent blade hardness inside and outside. The cutting edge is tough but not brittle, and the effect is durable and wear-resistant. Some shearing machine blade manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, reduce the number of quenching, or even use soil quenching. If you don’t want to buy such a shearing machine blade, you should first compare the price. The second is to use a metal hardness tester on the body after purchase, and test in multiple places to see if the hardness is up to standard and consistent.

Generally, the parallelism of the blade of the shearing machine is 0.03mm, and the thickness of the full length of the blade cannot exceed 0.03mm, and if such accuracy can be achieved, it can be regarded as a qualified shearing machine blade. You can use measuring tools after purchase. First compare the errors of the two ends of a single piece, and then measure whether the accuracy of the entire set of blades is consistent one by one, and then check whether there is no gap at the joint and whether it is smooth by hand.

A set of high-quality and qualified shearing machine blades, under normal use, can be used for one or two years less, and more can be used for three or five years and then re-grinding. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to ask about the after-sales guarantee and sign an agreement.

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